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February 2001 to Present (July 2003)


I returned to Consulting Civil Engineering to provide assistance to a past associate who needed the expertise I have derived from field and project management to expand his service offering. My employment with DMc Engineering is in upper level management for design and client relations and assisting the design staff with development design techniques, production of construction and engineering specifications. design and production quality control and Autocad Land Desktop Development utilization. As a senior manager in a small office, I also assist with computer technical issues and liaison with the MIS consultant the firm employs.

I assist the Owner and Office Manager in the preparation of proposals and responses to request for proposals for design and consulting work in which we are interested. My assistance int his area includes writing methods and means of design and construction support; creative presentation of the company's assets and abilities; budgets in time and cost for staff and sub-consultant contributions to proposed projects and presentation of details as necessary to the prospective clients
My employment with DMc has provided an opportunity for the company to take on construction management and quality control projects predominately for local public works agencies. I provided DMc with the resource to provide Construction Management and Inspection to the City of Rancho Palos Verdes for the rehabilitation of two major arterial highways; inspection and third party oversight for the development of residential housing Unit 8 expansion at the University of California, Irvine; third party evaluation of the impacts of adjacent development for existing projects in Huntington Beach; and pending proposals for several other projects for which the company is now competing.


September 1980 to June 1985


Immediately after being laid off by RMG Engineering, I was hired as a Staff Civil Engineer for Jack G. Raub Co., an engineering company performing development and infrastructure design exclusively for The Mission Viejo Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Phillip Morris Company. This area comprised of thousands of acres ultimately became Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo, cities in southern Orange County, California.


My duties as a staff engineer covered the entire scope of engineering design for residential, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and institutional development projects.


Transportation facility design included arterial highway layout, design and grading programs to balance the roadways with adjacent development areas. Roadwork and transportation engineering to industry standard and specific local conditions were a vital part of my work in this area of design. I was also called upon to resolve issues in the field created by conflicts between plan design and field conditions. 


I learned hydraulic, hydrologic and facilities design while employed as a staff engineer.  The development of creative devices to drain joint use facilities won the respect of my peers as an avant-garde design professional.  The design of unique energy dissipation methods and devices provided some insight into the creative approaches I would later employ in many difficult situations.


My responsibility in utility design included the study of service areas for sewer, water, storm drainage, and joint utility requirements. The scope of service performed by me and under my direction supported the entire range of professional engineering including facilities construction design, production of construction specifications and management of the installations to assure compliance with design plans and specifications.


I performed grading design that spanned the entire scope of foundation and surface configurations encountered in the development of large tracts of land.  Grading design included the development of "super pads" and the finish design for all types of building lots.


Design of foundation and grading programs for the construction of earthen Department of Dams and the Corp of Engineers jurisdictional dams is part of my professional experience provided by this employer. Grading design performed by me included millions of yards of earthwork including every imaginable configuration of hillside and sump design associated with mass earth moving.

My last six months with Jack G. Raub Co. were spent as a superintendent for offsite construction. I had the privilege of providing hands-on construction management of various designs I produced in the office. This provided the distinct advantage of seeing first hand the result of any issues detrimental to construction built into my designs. The resolution of design problems during construction gave me tremendous insight into proper design to minimize cost and delay caused by unforeseen problems

January 1978 to September 1980


I left public agency service for employment by a small civil engineering design company specializing in residential, industrial and commercial development projects. RMG Engineering, Inc. allowed me to learn fundamental grading design and expanded my knowledge of pressure and gravity water systems.


I had worked as a designer for only six months when I was promoted to the position of Project Manager by demonstrating a talent for navigating public agencies. This position provided my first experience in solving field construction issues for my designs. The experience provided a unique view of the construction of my project designs.


I acquired the ability to geometrically calculate horizontal and vertical configuration of lots, parcels and tracts of land. Survey classes complemented by fieldwork and tutoring by professional surveyors provided experience in the control and staking of the projects designed under my direction.


RMG Engineering, Inc. employed me for two years after which time the company no longer had enough work to maintain its staff level.



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