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My association with the American Construction Inspection Association spurred a request to assist in disaster evaluation when Kuai was heavily damaged by hurricane Iniki.  I was part of a consulting force that conducted damage analysis for residential structures damaged and destroyed by the hurricane.


Our participation involved habitability analysis of the structures and evaluations of emergency needs of the owners and occupants of damaged and destroyed structures.


The initial evaluation effort assured that all of the people had the ability to be fed and sheltered immediately. We then performed an analysis of the structures to determine if repair was possible and estimates of the cost of repairs.  Each claimant had to prove ownership or we performed a record search at the local agency to verify ownership. All evaluation and cost estimates were provided to FEMA to determine eligibility for loans and disaster relief funds.



This disaster damaged buildings in a densely populated area of staggering proportions in Southern California.  The need for immediate response by all classes of building and engineering inspection teams brought a request for me to once again participate in emergency evaluation of damaged structural adequacy. I was instrumental in accommodating the needs of those whose housing and ability to provide food and clothing was jeopardized by the natural disaster.


I provided analysis for the habitability of damaged structures, predominately single and multi- family residential, and provided cost estimates for the repairs or replacement of those damaged by the earthquake.  It was our responsibility to either allow the habitants to remain in their homes or suggest alternative housing until their homes were either repaired or rebuilt.


The evaluation work done in this situation was utilized by FEMA to provide disaster assistance and low cost loan assistance to get people back on their feet