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February 2000 to Present (July 2003)




Provide executive management, quality control, construction project management for civil engineering design consultant based in Irvine, CA


Construction management and quality control including public works inspection, project management and contract administration for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes; ISHA at the University of California, Irvine for staff residential project, and various smaller engineering projects for the Company  


Civil Engineering design projects during my employment with DMc have included a slide remediation project for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes; ongoing design an 80 acre light industrial park in Corona, CA; design and specifications for water valve replacement programs in Irvine, CA; design and specifications for a regional storm drain in Corona, CA, ongoing design quality control and specifications for an addition to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and many smaller improvement and utility projects for DMc’s clientele, including the City of Anaheim, the City of Buena Park and the Irvine Ranch Water District .


February 1998 to February 2000




This project encompassed the demolition, preservation and development of the historic Howard Hughes Aircraft plant in Los Angeles. I was primary Construction Manager at the beginning of construction and prepared preliminary schedules and budgets for the development prior to demolition and construction commencement. Membership in the construction preparation team included consulting on the best approaches to get work off the ground and sequences that were most advantageous from a progress and environmental compliance standpoint.


As demolition ensued, I provided support to keep vital utilities in service while environmentally challenged buildings were demolished with all materials recycled.


My main focus was the construction of infrastructure utilities and the grading to allow construction of the first phase of residential pads, the marketing pavilion and the pad for a large apartment site. I scheduled all of the major outfall storm drain, grading sequence, major highway improvements and environmental restoration to allow construction and occupancy of the first phase development.


The development of this site was highly controversial and opposition groups kept an eagle eye on the progress to report to governing agencies any purported violations of agency mandates. The issuance of a Federal court order to protect wetland areas from any intrusion encumbered small areas over the entire site. I established and implemented an access deterrent program that protected these areas while allowing the movement of more than 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt to complete pads for development.


Our contract on this site expired and was not renewed due to governmental issues that deterred fast-paced development of the necessary facilities for development of the site.


October 1997 to February 1998




In association with the client’s legal staff, I prepared the Construction Specifications for this 2000-acre joint use development to accommodate difficult hill side grading, incorporating all operations  from clear and grub to alluvial removals and blasting of rock excavation. Specifications included all utility construction programs and the construction of a rough graded golf course through the middle of the project.

Participated in contractor negotiations to award construction activities.