Howard Colburn, Design and Quality Control

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January 1978 to September 1980


I left public agency service for employment by a small civil engineering design company specializing in residential, industrial and commercial development projects. RMG Engineering, Inc. allowed me to learn fundamental grading design and expanded my knowledge of pressure and gravity water systems.


I had worked as a designer for only six months when I was promoted to the position of Project Manager by demonstrating a talent for navigating public agencies. This position provided my first experience in solving field construction issues for my designs. The experience provided a unique view of the construction of my project designs.


I acquired the ability to geometrically calculate horizontal and vertical configuration of lots, parcels and tracts of land. Survey classes complemented by fieldwork and tutoring by professional surveyors provided experience in the control and staking of the projects designed under my direction.


RMG Engineering, Inc. employed me for two years after which time the company no longer had enough work to maintain its staff level.