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As part of my management service offering I perform consulting CPM Construction Management service to the construction industry. I am proficient in the use of Microsoft Project and Primavera software and produce fully loaded schedules for the construction industry. The projects I scheduled and maintained included state prison system construction, commercial pier remediation and grading and Public Works projects, for several contractors. I produced schedules and construction management programs for various critical projects that required very detailed and accurate scheduling and budgeting.



I provide expert witness services in field observation and testimony for the resolution of problems between construction contractors and their agency clients.


One of the most significant cases in which I assisted was a contract dispute with the State Of California, Office of the State Architect, The Irvine Unified School District and the contractor. The preparation of detailed Quality Control Assessment of the project components and participation in resolution meetings resulted in my client receiving $250,000 in the settlement of extra work claims. My involvement resulted in the negotiation of a work program that settled further differences without outside assistance.


The other noteworthy case for which I provided expert testimony involved a property owner who had received a judgment by providing insufficient details to the State License Board in an action against a general engineering contractor.  I was retained to provide expert testimony in the appeal of the judgment as a Contract Manager, Construction Manager and Quality Control Expert. The expertise I provided to the case provided the necessary information to get the original judgment reversed and resulted in charges of criminal wrong doing against the property owner.



 I became interested in mining operations in the Mojave Desert as a source of income. McLaughlin Engineering and Mining, Inc. (a contractor for whom I had provided construction management and expert witness service) required my civil engineering expertise in the design of haul roads, utilities and disposal sites. This contractor had clients involved in gold and precious minerals mining who had little experience in engineering the structure needed to compete in this industry.


A Statement of Qualifications booklet was prepared by me for McLaughlin to market their services incorporating my abilities and those of another expert in reclamation of strip and open pit mines.


I provided the designs for various mine operation facilities including over 40,000 feet of drill road for exploration and a disposal site for over 8 million tons of fly ash. Upon design approval of our clients and regulating agencies, I supervised every aspect of construction for these projects.


Each of the projects in which I participated added immeasurably to my knowledge of mining techniques and reclamation activities.  They also provided experience in another facet of construction and engineering.



I further developed my expertise in erosion control design and implementation independently when the NPDES program implementation for construction became imminent. Attendance at several seminars and independent study prepared me for training; design and field administration of the program as it was initiated in 1992. The end result of my study and experience was the production of a training program for inspection and construction management professionals supervising such work.


The work in erosion control brought an understanding that most of the methods utilized in construction were inadequate and far too temporary.  This heralded the beginning of the development of a unique method of siltation and erosion control for construction sites.  I acquired a patent on the method and material after six years of study, field trials, and considerable legal fees. The methods and materials I developed have provided cost effective procedures that have yet to reveal actual service life length in the field.  There are currently over 4,000 cubic yards of the patented material in several million dollars of protection projects performing for more than eight seasons without any evidence of failure.


The implication of the work I have done in this area is the revolutionizing of construction project erosion control at enormous savings for application.  The extended duration of service of the erosion control devices has yet to reveal the actual savings due to the longevity of the current applications. The areas protected by my methods have experienced savings by eliminating the necessity for replacement of the protective devices as often as four times a year.


In the initial mass application, more than $500,000 had been spent in temporary devices that ultimately failed during the first rain season.  The application of my methods and protective devices resulted in protection for more than eight years without the necessity of reconstruction.


I was invited by the International Erosion Control Association to present the product and methods during their international conference in 1996.  I produced and presented a 25-minute presentation for this occasion.

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