Howard Colburn, Construction Management


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October 1986 to March 1988



I worked as a Vice President level offsite and infrastructure Manager for this land development company. The only memorable accomplishments during this time (besides day to day operations) were the negotiation of drainage and access conflicts the developers had innocently created.  My past experience in engineering design and the legal aspects of subdivision were utilized to forge creative programs to economically resolve issues others had not been able to put to rest.


I had the unique experience of directing a grading and improvement program in an environmentally sensitive alcove for Griffith Homes.  This project allowed the disturbance and modification of only the street and immediate pad areas while leaving the remaining area untouched.  This type of project, unusual to Southern California had stalled while waiting for someone with the skill to field design transitions into sensitive areas with the least disturbance to the surrounding area.  My efforts rewarded a confidence the residents in the area had instilled in our company by providing a minimum intrusion improvement to a small, close community